Excellence From Drawing Board To Delivery Is Our Motto.

Our Profile

OMEGA was established in 1987 by a team of professionals, with several years of active involvement in design and development of process plant equipment.

The thriving chemical and allied industry in India needed equipments and expertise in chemical engineering for their process plants.

A solid foundation in theory, creative thinking coupled with experience in various unit operations like Mixing, Crystallization, Filtration, & Heat Transfer allows us to offer solutions that work in the real world.

OMEGA has contributed in solving process plant problems as well as improvise the existing systems, by offering suitably designed equipments.


INR 100 million.


Well equipped manufacturing facility is situated in the city of Pune, India which is well connected by rail, road & air.


We are well qualified and experienced design team with latest knowledge of process design & ASME code books.

  • Total employees- 40
  • Qualified Engineers-5
  • Qualified Welders-5


  • Power-110 Hp
  • Material Handling -15 Ton EOT Crane
  • Plate Bending – Upto 16 mm * 1.5meter Width -1 No
    Upto 32mm * 2.0 Meter Width -1 No
  • High Frequency Plasma Cutting Machine
  • High Frequency TIG Welding Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machine- 2 Nos.
  • Electronic Torque Control Units
  • Lathe Machine
  • Electrode Ovens


  • Hydrostatic Testing Pump
  • Compressed Air For Testing
  • Dial Gauges/Pressure Gauges/ Ammeters
  • Surface Finish Meter
  • Precision Measuring Instruments