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Film Flow Type Exchangers

We have designed and developed film flow type of exchangers for fluids, which are heat sensitive, viscous, flowing at low flow rate and finally allowing only low pressure drop while either cooling or heating /evaporating.

The simpler version is falling film exchangers in which fluid flows in a film flow manner inside the tubes generally in laminar region by use of feed distributors or inserts, resulting in limited heat transfer coefficient.

The improvised version is Agitating the film by use of close clearance rotor otherwise Wiper system, resulting in fairly high heat transfer coefficients meaning less area of heat transfer, homogeneous temperature profile and concentration inside the film improving the quality of the product.

Our Falling Film Coolers/heaters are in operation at M/s. Ranbaxy Lab. Ltd., Dewas and M/s. Hindustan Polyamides & Fibres Ltd, Pune for cooling moderately viscous fatty amines and acetic acid solution & Thin Film Evaporator at M/s. Jubilant Organosys Ltd, Nira, Pune in VAM Plant for recovery of Acetic Acid.